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Cool E-Mail Access with New Nokia E Series V.J. | , 9:47 a.m. July 28, 2008 2008-07-28


Email and internet access for mobile phones are becoming indispensable. Every user wants to visit his web page or update his blog while mobile. Business is becoming more and more linked to the internet so for a successful business person the latest news are of imperious value and to be able to receive specialized news on their mobile phone can improve their businesses.


With a mind on this Nokia is trying to facilitate the use of the internet for mobile phones with its new E series additions, the E71 and E66. To make working more fun, Nokia decided to equip the phones with 2 screens. One with work features and the other can be set up to show entertainment or personal functions. Nokia specialists say this new feature will give users a balanced use for business and personal activities.


One tremendously important mobile internet feature is email access. Nokia made this extremely easy to install and to use professional and personal email. The E71 and E66 come with pre-loaded Mail for Exchange mobile e-mail client. In additions they both have been configured to allow downloading of Word Excel, PowerPoint and PDF attachment files.


This device can become handy to a wide range of users. From people who just want to inform friends of what’s new to business people and journalists who need to be able to send Word files of PDFs very quickly. To complete the offer, both devices support email accounts from over 1000 ISPs from around the world including Google, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail.


Nokia is really taking care of the evolving internet features needed in all handsets. E71 and E66 come with features designed to come to this needs and let users easily enjoy mobile internet browsing.

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