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China Mobile goes rural V.J. | , 1:45 p.m. March 21, 2009 2009-03-21


China’s leading mobile phone network operator, China Mobile, is eyeing the rural regions of the country for possible investments. The company hopes to minimize the effects of the global financial crisis by expending their services to the rural area as well.

China, in general, is not a very urbanized country, despite common believe. The country’s cities are well populated; however the rural areas of China still gather the greater number of citizens.

In the same time, Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile, said that the rural areas of the country will become the next big market for telecom operators. In any case, this might materialize itself as over 50 percent of the company’s subscribers come from rural areas.

Additionally, Jianzhou said that the China Mobile will ‘benefit from a recent policy that grants a 13 percent subsidy for mobile phones in rural areas’, writes China Daily. It seems that everything is in favor of this and the expanding of mobile phone networks in the rural areas of China will surely boost profits for China Mobile.

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