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Brazilian Company Hacks Apple iPhone V.J. | , 9:14 p.m. July 17, 2008 2008-07-17


A Brazilian company claims to be the first to have unlocked the iPhone 3G and offers a service in this matter. This means that you can unlock your iPhone and make it work for any mobile operator in the world. It will not matter if you are a O2 subscriber or you prefer Orange or Vodafone, unlocking the device will make it function with any operator.


DesbloqueioBr is the company claiming to have successfully unlocked Apple’s iPhone 3G. They did so by changing the device’s firmwave and by adding a special add-on to the SIM chip.


Interesting enough is the fact that the iPhone has not been released yet in Brazil. But the impact Apple’s product had on the mobile phone industry has a worldwide resonance. An official release date for Brazil is unknown but the iPhone can now live in the country thanks to the company’s intervention.


An unlocked iPhone means that users will be able to connect to any, absolute any, mobile phone operator. As said before, this means you can purchase a subscription from, lets say Vodafone and the device will normally giving you all the goodies the iPhone has to offer.


But the Brazilian company does not offer this service cheaply. The iPhone itself costs to $400 USD and in some places even more, DesbloqueioBr will charge between $250 and $375 for the unlock intervention. Unfortunately the company says it will not guarantee a bugless usage of the smartphone, DesbloqueioBr says there might be problems with the quality of the connection and Apple can anytime delete the hack with a software update.

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