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Bluetooth handsfree speaker V.J. | , 2:43 p.m. April 14, 2008 2008-04-14


BlueAnt presented an interesting gadget at the CTIA Wireless meeting. They have created a handsfree speaker intending to reduce the number of car accidents caused by negligence or when holding a cell phone with on end. This is my own speculation and i don’t think that driving safety was the main influence which urged BlueAnt to create this product.


Bluetooth Supertooth 3 is mainly designed for using it when driving. This model has an interesting feature – you don’t have to press any buttons. When the user receives a call, Supertooth 3 will automatically read the caller’s ID and the users simply replies „OK” if he wants to answer.


This new product may beat even the heavy talkers. It can stay alive for nearly 15 hours when talking continuously. A problem occurs; can you drive 15 hours continuously? If yes, and you cannot hold your tongue your dreams are coming true.


Bluetooth Supertooth 3 comes with a DPS noise cancellation so that people can hear a quality voice speaking to them as well as their dialogue partner will not hear any strange sonority. Supertooth 3 has also a convenient size, measuring 18mm x 60mm x 122mm it can be placed anywhere with no great fatigue.


Buying Supertooth 3 may have to wait since a price or availability of Supertooth 3 was not announced by BlueAnt.

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