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Beware of MMS virus Vlad Jecan | , 7:19 p.m. April 5, 2008 2008-04-05


You might want to pay extra attention to what messages you receive, especially multimedia types, as in MMS. A new malware was detected by Trend Micro that can do some damage to your mobile phone.

Next time you receive and MMS focus on the file’s name. If it’s entitled beauty.jpg, love.rm or sex.mp3 you definitively do not want to open it. Trend Micro experts inform that a malware named “SYMBOS_BESELO.A” spreads in the world of mobile phones using the Bluetooth feature. The extensions above which appear legitimate are in fact .sis files, typical for malware used for cellphones.

Here is how the virus works. After the user installs the malware .sis, it copies other files and even creates some in the infected phone. Subsequently it will use the phone to propagate itself by sending other multimedia messages to other phones aquired from the telephone’s address book. Other receivers will get the same malware .sis disquisez as either beauty.jpg, love.rm or sex.mp3.

Phones affected by SYMBOS_BESELO.A are using Symbian/S60 operation system as well as the following Nokia models. 6600, 6630, 7612, N70, N72. But it cannot affect new models fron the E series or N71, N73, N75, N80, N91, N92, N93i, N95, mainly because these use Symbian 9.1/S60 3rd edition. If you have installed one of the following applications from Trend Micro Mobile, you phone cannot be harmed – Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0 for Symbian.S60 or 5.0 for Symbian/S60. Users are advised to pay extra attention before opening an MMS message, and should not receive via Bluetooth any unsolicited files.


However, there is also a good news. An antidot exists. All you have to do is seeking it on http://www.trendmicro.com

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