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Banned: Internet calling on Windows Mobile V.J. | , 2:53 p.m. May 14, 2009 2009-05-14

A strong number of operators have pressured Microsoft to ban voice over Internet service (VoIP) such as Skype on its Windows Mobile operating systems. In the near future people purchasing a Windows Mobile powered phone will be unable to communicate via VoIP.

Microsoft has prohibited the creation of VoIP apps for Windows Mobile latest version Windows 6.5 which will be released later in 2009. The ban comes after a growth in tensions between operators and VoIP providers on the use of free calling services over 3G Networks, writes Mobile Today.

‘Nokia plans to integrate the Skype application into the address books of several Nseries smartphones; some carriers have been indifferent to this move, but many others appear to be upset and Microsoft seems to have learnt from that experience,’ said Neil Mawston, a researcher at Strategy Analyticis.

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