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Bank links to 3G smartphones V.J. | , 4:37 p.m. Aug. 18, 2009 2009-08-18

JA Bank Hyogo has placed an order to Fujitsu to develop a system streamlining the field service operations of their credit business by linking smartphones with the company’s nationwide computer system known as JASTEM.

According to reports, the Windows F1100 mobile phone comes with functions of both JA Bank Hyogo terminals used in the field by service operators and JASTEM computer system which manages customer savings and loan information. Field operators carry both mobile phones and portable hand-held terminals to visit sites. The two systems are fused by Fujitsu this easing the process of business operations.

Customer information is protected by extensive security measures built in the smartphones. The security measures include data encryption, data wiping software and fingerprint authentication technology.

Fujitsu says that the interoperability between JASTEM and F1100 mobile smartphones were successfully verified in July 2009. The development of the system necessary to facilitate the service is underway and operations will begin in January 2010.

The Fujitsu FOMA F1100 is aimed at business users and can be used for IP telephony and features finger print reader as well. The handset was released in Q1 last year and sports an interesting QVGA screen of 2.6 inch and microSD card slot. It also comes with Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity support and a modest 1.3 megapixel camera.

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