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Altek Leo brings a 14MP camera phone V.J. | , 7:11 p.m. May 30, 2010 2010-05-30

A new handset will hit the market in the near future. It is produced by a relative unknown name Altek but comes with a powerful 14 megapixel caliber camera. The phone’s features are pretty standards as the company focused on the quality of the camera.

The Altek Leo will come with a 14 megapixel CCD sensor and will be available with HD video recording capabilities, Xenon flash, video LED flash and 3x optical zoom. The phone comes with WiFi, 3G connectivity with HSPDA support. The Altek Leo will be running an unknown version of Android OS.

This is pretty much all the information available. The manufacturer has, however, said that it will present and launch the phone during the CommunicAsia 2010 event in June.

And for the sake of following the trend: did you hear of Altek? No? Don’t worry, nobody really has. The company is an original equipment manufacturer specializing in digital cameras and in consequence their products are rebranded.

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