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Adobe preparing Flash for iPhone, maybe in vain V.J. | , 9:10 p.m. June 18, 2008 2008-06-18


One very useful multimedia aspect is Adobe Flash. Since its introduction to the online world it gained territory with each new web site. Today there are few websites without Flash, even if they do not have flash animations integrated in their website Flash is present in advertising, game creation etc.


Adobe reported to have been working on porting Flash to the iPhone. Company officials said they have a version of Flash working on an iPhone emulator and that they are working to incorporate this feature in a real iPhone.


But for Adobe to succeed they need help from Apple to incorporate Flash to the Safari web browser. Apple doesn’t really want Flash on their iPhones, instead they prefer an open-standards Javascript application made in collaboration with SproutCore.


Apple may not have any way to avoid Flash since many customers probably want a full mobile web browsing experience and not get stuck in sites with many flash animations. In addition other phones can read Flash and here comes the competition.

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