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Acer Android-based A1 photo leaked V.J. | , 6:14 p.m. March 24, 2009 2009-03-24


So, Acer ventures in the mobile phone industry. Is this good or bad news? I, personally, have been pleased with the quality of some of their laptops. Actually, I own one for about two years and works perfects and I have no need to upgrade since I don’t use it to do anything else but write.

Anyway, the Taipei-based company has released a launch date for the company’s first mobile phone, the Android-based handset A1. There are not many details to offer, except that the handset will be a touchscreen enabled device running Google’s Android mobile operating system.

The person responsible for leaking the information about the Acer A1 asked to remain anonymous. Anyway, the handset may be launched in September along with three other Android-based handsets. Unfortunately, there is no further information.

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