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A phone made not to fit in your pocket Vlad Jecan | , 8:44 p.m. April 5, 2008 2008-04-05


From a small town in China comes the biggest cellphone ever made.

Mobile phones are getting smaller by the day. All manufactures kindle efforts to cut a product’s size and weight, making them even hard to find in one’s pocket. As in every cellphone is a chock-a-block of functions, options and literally microscopic hardware, one man designed a phone to be carried on the back.

Songyuan, a small town in China, is known for its hunger from great objects. A local named Tan established himself the town’s hero after creating a cellphone with a remarkable size. Cogitating on the idea to build the world’s largest cellular one year ago, electronics enthusiast Tan spent 6 months working on materializing his idea. After time passed he managed to produce a perfectly functioning 3 feet tall mobile phone with a weight of 48lbs. On the mobile part we can easily speculate. The giant phone surely lacks of any usability, its perfect place may be in a cellphone museum. Imagine someone dragging this immense phone on the sidewalk and talking to it, and if someone carries it on the back, it would look like an old military communication device used in the last century’s wars. You know, those using cranks. Enough jokes, making a huge cellphone from nothing surely implies knowledge and skill we will not be able to assume in a lifetime.

“I’ve added everything a phone needs, but I didn’t manage to make it vibrate”, says Tan according to plugin.ro Also, the inventor says his device can do everything a normal phone can, it even has a fully operative built-in camera.

This inventing adventure wasn’t accomplished without any troubles. His friends started to doubt his success, neighbours, confused and curious, annoyed and wondering, the neighbours were always knocking on my door asking what was going on with all the noise from the apartment, and even my wife was complaining", says Tan. But in the end, with his father’s continuous support he produced the world’s biggest cellphone.

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