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A Fujitsu F884i – simply surprising! V.J. | , 10:33 a.m. April 16, 2008 2008-04-16

Japanese cell phone manufacturer DoCoMo has release a new interesting product with some astonishing features. Fujitsu F884i was released under the aegis of the mentioned company and introduces some highly evolved features to the mobile phone industry. This cell phone may be viewed by all means as innovative.

DoCoMo equipped this new model with feature forged to ease writing text messages. Speech to Text allows users to forget about typing letters and composing a message, all they have to do now is talk to the phone and this intelligent device will write the desired words. Another ground breaking function is Yoko-Motion, meaning you can rotate the telephone in a direction and it will start a specific application, move it around and it may even make you breakfast! Just joking, but this simply surprising!

An integrated digital TV Tunner, TV 1Seg, and a 3.1 inch 240 x 432 pixel display lets you comfortably view any media files. As most Japanese cell phones Fujitsu F884i allows 2G and 3G. In addition it has a 3.2 mega pixel camera and GPS, non the less it weights some 140 grams and its dimensions are 109 x 50 x 20 mm.

Everything is splendid and you might want to buy this product, but there is one problem, there is a strong possibility that this cell phone will not cross the seas.

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