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700 million browsers in 2013! V.J. | , 9:35 p.m. April 15, 2008 2008-04-15


Mobile web browsing services have increased their potential and continue to expand in every direction. To satisfy the need of people who simply have to use the internet while on the run and carrying a laptop is incomprehensible, different software developers for mobile phones consider improving their services.

But not only developers think of internet browsing as a future important need; I say need because many people rely on the internet to make a living. Today we have great expectations from our mobile phone, if it is not capable to browse the internet maybe we consider purchasing another one.

This being the case, emphasizing the need for mobile internet browsing can be very easy and it is beginning to be an indispensable feature. ABI Research have undertaken series of studies on this matter and their conclusion is that by 2013 the open-Internet browser segment will grow to 700 million!

Many websites already accord extra attention to their design mainly by customizing it to have a comfortable aspect when viewed on a cell phone. Of course there are many users who are still stuck on the internet using phones with very limited web browsing capabilities. Despite this developers have frequent emissions of new mobile web browsing softwares which include the latest capabilities like AJAX and RSS.

In one aspect they did not succeed and that is to make flash media available on cell phones. The future may have all problems resolved. The point is that according to ABI Research studies mobile browser markets will grow to 1.5 billion units in 2

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