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Registered: 02-02-2008
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03-08-2009 12:38
Some prob to Airtel friends... I am unable to add new friend in my group. And also unable to talk any customer care executive when i dial 123... Can anyone help please.

Registered: 03-06-2008
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06-08-2009 12:57
When u will dial 123, you select any one option to listen new offers or hello tunes.
Then for details you will get again new options to choose and at last option will be customer care.

Registered: 13-06-2008
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25-01-2010 18:37
Is there some problem to Airtel while sending SMS? It says sending fail when try to send SMS and then continuously 2-3 times same mess is delivered to same number...Ahh...so boring....

Registered: 08-01-2008
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26-01-2010 09:42
I have not found any such problem with Airtel for the past few days
Just try switching off your phone and then restarting it beer

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27-01-2010 18:00
Many times it happens when you are in between two airtel signal poles. Just like when u tries to call we get our own voice instead of another party to whom we had called.
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