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29-03-2009 08:11
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Online program for cutting your mp3 and make it to ringtone
http://www.convertermp3toringtoneonline.com [convertermp3toringtoneonline.com]

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31-03-2009 07:20
Hey what about other file format... Is it possible to convert my audio file in to Mobile Ringtone format as MP3. If yes Please suggest me good web sites for it.

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01-04-2009 14:02
Hey check out this URL: http://www.avconverter.com/

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08-09-2020 11:18
Personally, I use MP3 Cutter to make ringtone online and Joyoshare audio cutter [joyoshare.com] to make phone ringtone offline. The former is totally free. Although the latter is not free, I get it free of charge, since it official rolls out promotion offers to let anyone get the chance to have the tool for free.

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09-09-2020 04:48
I'm an iPhone user and yes, I always want my ringtone is different. So I often make my MP3 music file to ringtone. Ususally, I choose TunesKit MP3 Cutter [tuneskit.com] to cut the MP3 file by removing the unwanted parts, and then save it in the .m4r format. After that, I can easily transfer these ringtone files to my iPhone and enjoy them when someone calls me.
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