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Registered: 20-03-2008
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23-06-2008 12:49
Hi friends,
Sony Ericsson has launched c902 and I want to buy it. Does anyone have any idea about its working? Help me out!

Registered: 24-12-2007
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02-07-2008 12:52
One of my friends told me that though C902 has 5 MP camera, the picture quality is not up to standards of other camera phones.
Other features are fine……!

Registered: 22-12-2007
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04-07-2008 11:07
SE C902 has 5 MP camera and still it is offering bad quality snaps, then we should not go for this phone. Definitely not…….:-(

Registered: 13-06-2008
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05-07-2008 10:22
Hi guys,
I read on one site that the camera of C902 is worst bad in 5 MP camera phone segment. The camera of this phone offers whitish snaps.
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