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Registered: 15-12-2007
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23-05-2008 09:10
I don't know whether its Sprint problem or HTC Touch problem. But the fact is, i am suffering from it very badly. Occasionally my phone won't ring when someone calls and after sometimes I get a voicemail, but no missed call notification. When I asked Sprint, they are blaming the phone and suggested me to replace it? what do I do?

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02-06-2008 12:56
True, even i have the same prob.. i am loosing my custromers due to this stupid problems..

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04-06-2008 12:21
I know, I have this problem with my SE phone on Sprint. i think when signal is too low, then there is NO-ringing problem. i agree, its real frustrating..  i am sure its Sprint problem and they are blaming the phones unnecessarily!!
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