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17-03-2008 08:01
The HTC Mogul, which is available
exclusively through Sprint telecommunications, has upgraded its phone by
introducing EV-DO Rev. A technology for the first time in the mobile market.
Customers will be able to send and receive data at a faster broadband speed
ranging from 600 kbps – 1.4 mpbs for download and 350-500 kbps for upload.
Receiving emails, web access, downloading games, ringtones and other software
will more easy and rapid. If you upgrade this phone by downloading the s/w on www.america.htc.com/mogulupdate [america.htc.com]
then along with faster internet speed you also get advanced GPS functionality.

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22-05-2009 20:06
This phone seems to be good. I think EV-Do Rev is an excellent tecnology.
Actually all HTC phones are good. I have used a lot of them and everytime they are given to me by my company. All of them are just fantastic.
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