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Registered: 19-12-2007
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27-03-2008 11:11
I am a regular user Internet. I have to pay extra charges for extra usage. weep Now a days I am using Google maps frequently, so want to know that if I am browsing for a particular spot, how many KBs does Google map consume?

Registered: 22-02-2008
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28-03-2008 07:13
Hey friend,
you can solve your problem by activating unlimited KB plan. That’s it!

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03-04-2008 11:22
Whenever you zoom in or out or move around, every time your device downloads new image and consumes more KBs. Got it?

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07-04-2008 12:52
As per my knowledge, your device consumes around 80 KBs for every move you make on Google map.
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