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15-04-2008 08:28
hi dudes,
I bought SE W960 two months before. It is a nice stunning device and I am enjoying its superior music features. In last week, my colleague gave me his Bluetooth earpiece but I am unable to use it with my W960. My phone doesn’t send incoming calls directly to earpiece. The word ‘Sound’ comes on the screen and I have to select earpiece every time to receive it on Bluetooth earpiece. Any suggestion to receive call directly to Bluetooth earpiece???

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16-04-2008 06:50
have you tried any other Bluetooth earpiece on your W960? If yes, what was the result?

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23-04-2008 10:37
Select proper programme to make use of Bluetooth handsfree.
Go to Menu then settings – connectivity – Bluetooth – handsfree – Incoming call and then In Handsfree.
Just try this way; you will be able to receive calls directly on your Bluetooth handsfree.

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16-05-2008 11:28
Thanks for your reply buddies!
To: enrique
I have not used any other Bluetooth earpiece so cant answer your question.
To: samy65
I have already set my phone with proper way still I am unable to get calls directly.

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20-05-2008 11:05
Hi all clapping,
One of my friends was experiencing same problem with its SE phone. When he asked to SE officials about this problem, SE people told him that unfortunately some SE phones are not compatible with accessories manufactured by other companies. So better we should use accessories manufactured by SE only. n'joYY jump
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