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22-02-2008 06:28
A great video of SGH-T819 is available on http://ecoustics-cnet.com.com/cell-phones/samsung-sgh-t819-t/4505-6454_7-32826881.html?subj=Samsung+SGH-T819+(T-Mobile)&tag=feed&part=ecoustics-cnet [ecoustics-cnet.com.com]
Everybody surely should have a look at it.

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22-02-2008 06:34
 I read about the phone on phones.com, and found it quite decent looking. The chocolate color is great, but they could have given us more options. Also there are enough such type of "decent" phones that are already available in the market. The only highlight is its look.

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22-02-2008 06:36
not a great phone, but not bad either..at least its better than Moto W181..design wise its much better than previous samsung handsets.
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