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07-02-2008 07:21
Hey there,
I am using G600 for 1 month. I am not able to send the photos to my laptop. its giving some error when I try to transfer it.. anybody has came across with such problem? what do I do, plz guide me.

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08-02-2008 12:42
I was having same problem with my LG phone, I tried transferring images by inserting my sister’s sim card, which worked. Then I replaced get my sim card replaced from the shop.

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12-01-2016 11:29
Can you tell me which method you are using for transferring the images on your laptop?

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27-07-2016 03:09
I think  it can be easier with an android assistant [mobikin.com], you can transfer or backup text messages, contacts, photos, and other  media files like videos, music files.
And which allows you to view them on PC, so you can choose selectively and freely. Android phone pictures to computer [mobikin.com].

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27-07-2016 03:23
Actually, there is a android assistant [samsung-recovery.net] program called Samsung Assistant . It supports you to transfer data from android phone on Mac or Windows. Such as contacts ,messages ,contacts ,photos,videos etc....
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