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25-12-2007 10:56
hello all,
you might be reading many negative or positive opinions / review for iPhone. but its you to decide which one to buy.. if you want to try out iPhone, go ahead and try buttt never buy it on contract, if you buy it you must unlock it first so that you can use 3rd party softwares for this phone else you will have a tough time!
Many people are getting confuse between n95 & iphone. I would recommend iphone. My reason for being here is i have got the phone. and its working fine people!

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04-02-2008 08:26
i disagree with you, iphone is a musical phone wherein N95 caters to music+camera+phone.
The N95 includes 5 megapixel camera, GPS, a large n clear colour screen, dedicated music controls, numeric pad for texting and dialling, games etc.
Apple's iPhone is the opposite. It has an innovative "double touch" interface with few physical buttons, GPS, and may be more features than i have listed..
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