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11-01-2008 10:35
I'm so happy to have owned N70 last Christmas. It was my gift to myself for all the hardwork for the past years! I'm still exploring the features of the phone up to this moment since there are lots in it. What I love most about it is the resolution of camera, plus it's 3G. It is super clear like a digital camera! I do not do texting that much but I love listening to music. It is so nice to be recording portions of a song on this phone and use it as a ringtone or message alert tone. It is just so amazing that after all these years, just looking at a phone store in malls, I finally own one...plus - it is a blessing to be part of a nurturing company!

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14-01-2008 09:53
yes Janz, I agree with you. I am using this fone for almost 3 months and i am happy with the fone! people do complaint about its speed.. but if you want your N70 to operate fast, keep some part of the phone memory free for fone operations!!
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