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17-07-2008 08:23
Yeah correct for LG there is a problem, it cannot save itself from water and then the keypad does not work, the battery life stinks even if you blow dry your phone, it is of no use. But still the phone does not loose its life as it accepts a message or call and even allows you to call jump

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26-07-2008 17:02
As far as I know a washed phone will surely fail. I have dumped my RAZR in a swimming pool and despite of me sun drying the phone the phone failed, it started to reboot itself, the keypad became a no response zone, and the phone went into coma as all it could do is receive a call and that too only if it is kept on the charger.

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09-08-2008 07:16
Ohh man!
You people should buy Nokia phones.
My phone has drunk a lot of water living in with me and still it gives a
mind-blowing performance. The only care I have taken is that I have removed the
battery and SIM and then dried it in the sun; it gets the power by evening and
starts working absolutely normal jump

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18-08-2008 11:29
these Electronics are strange and really do strange things, I mean I had SE and my mom had washed it out by mistake and then I had blow dried it and it worked fine. amazed After one year my little niece dropped my SE in the swimming tank, I tried out the same procedure but of no help weep I had to buy another one.
I think pure water does not affect, it is the chlorinated water that plays the game applause
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