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25-06-2008 12:50
I wanted to know if G910 is having wm6.1 os or its still using wm6.0 os. Apparently 6.1 is better but i haven’t seen any cell phone with this version yet.

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26-06-2008 08:39
No, who told you that G910 has wm6.1 OS ? its not. It has wm6.0 OS  have a look at the original site : http://www.toshiba-europe.com/mobile/

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05-05-2010 13:46
Have you heard about Toshiba business phones as, they are simply best for business purposes for setting up proper communication as it is used for many small scale business for better convience.
So, you can some updates about this.


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01-02-2017 10:17
Toshiba days are over, It's now the age of Huawei and Lenovo. Both are cheap, high performance, works well in all weather and in all conditions.
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26-07-2021 08:00
Toshiba G910 is side opening clamshell with large 800x480 pixels touch screen and QWERTY on the inside. It runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional edition, has 3G, WiFi, GPS and all the bells and whistles of the operating system. Its main drawback is the tri-band only GSM, and the small display and only navigation keys when closed, unlike the Nokia E90.
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