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04-01-2008 04:12
i wanna buy a new phone (it can be used one also) as my old motorola has broken
ive been looking at the nokia Nokia Sirocco or N75 or N800, or the sony ericson.
Any suggestion? which would be the best phones to get, not neceseraliy out of those 3, any phone will do.

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04-01-2008 04:14
it depends upon the application you would like to do with the phone.. all Nokias are best they have some + points some - points.. and be careful while buying used phone..
you should first know what are your wants:
Best camera?
decent music?
no or great style/design?
large screen?
demanding applications?
any other special functions?

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06-11-2017 07:42
Look for the devices at: https://www.sellist.com/trade/sri_lanka/mobile_and_computers [sellist.com] they have varieties of phones where you could chose from
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