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25-12-2007 09:24
I have heard about cellular companies card. I mean the special cards for the people who works for company. I have heard that the calling rates for this sim are
airtel-airtel just 10p
airtel-mobile just 30p
airtel-landline just 1.0rs
and the ratess for std
airtel-airtel just 1rs
airtel-others just 2rs
sms-all india just 30p

Isent it Gr8... I will like to have one of it...

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25-12-2007 09:26
I have never heard about this!!! is this real thing???? if yeas then I will purchase for 10,0000 today only!!!

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29-06-2011 07:40
It is better to first acknowledge yourself with all the details first about this so that later it will be better getting the sim at the initial charges.
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