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Registered: 21-01-2008
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11-09-2009 11:25
Who says AIRTEL is no1???

It super sucks... VERY BAD NETWORK COVERAGE in a near metro city pune..hussssssshhhhhh

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22-12-2009 17:49
then go for TATA Docomo... Good service, cool and affordable offers and no monthly cuttings....

Registered: 04-01-2008
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26-06-2010 12:45
Hey guys check out Docomo Buddy Net offers available for cool buddies.
- enjoy local calls at 1p/6sec and STD at 1p/2 sec
- Share Talktime with buddies at any time
- Chat and Social Network endlessly i.e chat tweet, scrap or share photos at any time

Registered: 10-01-2008
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29-06-2010 04:32
Cool offer by Docomo...But can we join Buddy Net with existing Docomo SIM card or need buy special Buddy NET SIM card again. Please reply...

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30-06-2017 19:50
How to View Hidden Code Features Asus Zenfone 2 4 5 6 ?
from : http://www.lampungservice.com/ [lampungservice.com]
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