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Registered: 08-01-2008
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12-06-2008 08:25
I am using this phone for a month or so. I am music lover, and transferring lots for music to my phone, from the day i got it. The problem i am facing is, the songs which i have transferred are names as track1, track2 etc... its difficult for me to recognize the song whenever I wish to play them. is it possible to change the names from track1, 2 to appropriate songs?

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13-06-2008 08:32
well, i am having the SAME problem with my K850i... any solution on this?

Registered: 19-01-2008
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16-06-2008 06:05
Try different music players. If this won't work just upgrade your software. I am using KD Player , you can download it from at kdplayer dot webs dot com
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