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24-12-2007 12:24
Hey wats the internet speed for unlimited plan for Rs. 300 pm??? I heard that the dial-up connection is the worst in India!!! I have SE_W550i with me. can any one suggest how can i connect internet through mobile. I just wanna cheak it for a month.

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09-06-2011 08:33
It will be much better for you to dont use internet through mobile as it will not give you the speed you want.

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11-12-2020 06:48
The router status of your device could be checked through the www.linksyssmartwifi.com window that tells the user whether he is having a secured Wi-Fi connection or not. The status of the router also informs the user about the current networking device that is connected to your network. It is reached through the login window of the Linksys router that provides the pathway to the homepage of Linksyssmartwifi.com [smartlinksyswifi.net].
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