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Registered: 03-06-2008
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03-06-2008 07:50
evey boby see my sms
can avilable sms sits so send me his totly freee no cost mean (free sms)
ok so send me in mail adress m_arslan20082000@yahoo.com

Registered: 14-09-2008
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14-09-2008 15:45
Game and Applications operation has been failed of my K810i, I m not
able of opening it. Please help me. How can I set this problem???

Registered: 29-10-2009
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30-10-2009 00:16
I have trouble with the games. Help me!

Registered: 13-12-2007
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03-11-2009 06:13
hi there,
i had the same problem recently then i got it repaired from the authorised service centre. my phone was freezing all the time and used to stop in between while i used to play games. Their suggestion : one should keep some free space for processing / functions to run. Try removing some data and see if it helps
in anyway.
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