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04-08-2008 08:32
Hi all,
I am using Samsung z720 since 6 months. It was working fine till I dropped it on the floor. After that incident, my phone locks the keys automatically and I am getting irritated by it. Guys, how can i fix this problem?

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14-08-2008 06:40
Just go to the security module in the settings section of your phone. If you are afraid to do that, go to service centre and get your phone serviced by them.

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16-08-2008 21:17
how to unlock samsung j600

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18-08-2008 13:03
hi tee boy
just try out this http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/9404/j600rk2.jpg [img144.imageshack.us] you might unlock your phone!!
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