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22-04-2008 06:52
Hi guys,
Forget MBW-100 Bluetooth wristwatches. Read article on the following page about the stunning MBW-150.
http://www.engadget.com/2007/06/14/sony-ericssons-new-mbw-150-bluetooth-watch-rocks-avrcp/ [engadget.com]

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30-03-2016 08:57
What it means Bluetooth smart watch [latestone.com] In india we have so many smart watches prizing 1500 to 25000 RS. We can get notifications and call a phone, socail sites like facebook twitter, we can do a lot. Motorola 360, smasung, brands high range watches.
You can check this article http://techcolite.com/best-smart-watches-to-buy-of-all-time/ [techcolite.com]

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06-11-2017 07:34
There are more details about bluetooth wristwatches and many more tach gadgets here [sellist.com]

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27-06-2018 07:00
Samsung Gear S4 [comparebox.pk] should be the best among the smart watch market around the world.

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13-12-2018 06:07
If you’re looking for an affordable bluetooth smart watch [esourceparts.ca] then this is the perfect gadget for you. The DZ09 has the things that make your smartphone convenient in a more accessible fashion. You can also sync your phone with it so you don’t have to pull your phone out every single time.
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