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Registered: 15-12-2007
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15-02-2008 02:25
(1 user)
my friend has sent me a product code for N95. but i want to know - what do the Product code do?
plz help!!

Registered: 31-12-2007
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12-05-2008 10:34
(1 user)
Kala, can you tell me what type of this code is.. i can help you out if you tell me what code you have received!!

Registered: 27-05-2008
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27-05-2008 19:15
(1 user)
i have a nokia luna 8600 can anyone send me the code to unlock it

Registered: 19-01-2008
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29-05-2008 13:30
(1 user)
the original unlock code is 12345 Try it out,  hope it helps you out!!

Registered: 26-12-2007
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29-05-2008 13:34
(1 user)
i would suggest, visit nokia official site and and request them for the unlock code, they will send it to your phone directly.. send them your mobile phone number.
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