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Registered: 10-01-2008
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10-01-2008 09:58
I am very confused whether i should take Hearty Red or Havana Bronze if any user can suggest then he will be most welcome. Another thing I wanna ask is, is there any good site from where i can buy it through net?

Registered: 13-12-2007
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11-01-2008 07:57
well, you can have a look @ http://www.phones.com/phones/sony-ericsson/w910/ [phones.com]. In my opinion, its a costly phone with what they are offering.

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11-01-2008 08:03
hi temesh,
I have gone through many sites for this phone, some sites say its gr8 phone some says its a average phone.
I think, if you want a stylish music phone which will make you stand out in the crowd, then get it and if you are looking out for durable, good feature phone... then this is not the one you r looking for!!
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