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06-01-2022 11:21
Am a touch disappointed... calling out a cycle race is a damn hard thing to do.. so many things can go wrong racing.
I get Kwia placed yesterday... I dont bet big but a £2.50 return was
quite stingy imo.. thats Skybet.. 8 to 1 wasnt exactly generous either.
It was a £5 ew bet.
Any other suggestions?

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06-01-2022 12:29
Can't help ya.

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06-01-2022 12:31
In general, I'm not a big fan of cycling, but I like to bet on football. But I have a friend who enjoys cycling, constantly monitors the condition of each athlete before competitions, and so on, and he usually puts money on cycling on this site -- W88 [w88kpi.com]. And as practice shows, he makes good money on this, but he spends a lot of time analyzing athletes and favorites, so it's not easy to make money on betting. But I always hope for luck, and it has never let me down so far. So I hope I have helped you, good luck!
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