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05-01-2022 12:20
A hijab is a head covering scarf that some Muslim women wear in public. For many such women, the hijab signifies both modesty and privacy.

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05-01-2022 15:37
Yep, I agreew ith u!

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05-01-2022 15:38
Beautiful art! I also like hijabs on women. It gives them some kind of modesty and, as you said, privacy. Although, I am against when women are forced to wear some clothes at the same time. I've always wondered why women in the East are forced to wear only a hijab because there are abayas that look great on all Arab girls. By the way, I was thinking of buying my girlfriend an abaya on this site -- abayas online uk [amanis.co.uk], but then I thought that she would not understand my gift, and still changed my mind. I hope someday there will be freedom of speech for women in Arab countries.
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