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29-12-2021 12:07
I'm planning on making dynfi accessible through our reverse proxy (which
supports strong authentication). Unfortunately this means that dynfi
cannot run in the / (root) context using absolute paths.

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29-12-2021 20:13
Good luck to you.

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29-12-2021 20:15
I can't help you with this because I haven't thought of it myself yet. I can only suggest that you use good proxy servers for proper tests. I would try these proxies if I were you -- https://froxy.com/en/prices?utm_source=seo&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=seoenprices&utm_content=20211116-usseooffpage2 [froxy.com], given that I use them myself in my work, and the way they work suits me. But as for the context of dynfi, try to follow the advice of Petrus. He is much better-versed in server settings. If you solve your problem, I'd like to know how you've done it -- please send me a message in private chat. Good luck! I hope u gonna solve ur problem.
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