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19-12-2021 07:19
I want to have a process run a SQL server query
against the Blueprism database. The only way I can manually connect is
by using Windows Authentication. I have tried using the SQL Server VBO
but the run query is returning a login failed for user message. Is there
a way to run the query by using windows authentication?

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19-12-2021 10:15
Can't help ya.

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19-12-2021 10:19
There are always problems with SQL queries, but I haven't met them for a long time because I use a new sql studio [devart.com] that helps me work with databases and carry out all the queries that I need. If this GUI is called dbForge Studio, you may have heard about it if you had worked with SQL for a long time. Still, I would advise you to use this thing exclusively for working with databases because, thanks to this GUI, it has become much more convenient and better for me as a backend developer to work. And if it's convenient for you to work, it means that the efficiency of your work increases.
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