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04-12-2021 08:36
I'm looking for recommendations for forums and other online sources
of info for videography: both technique and cinematography, story
telling etc.
I'm an experienced amateur still photographer and have been doing
basic video work with the Sigma fp and Leica SL, recording events,
creating virtual church services, video interviews etc, and editing in
Resolve, so I'm not a total newbie. But I have been asked to create
short documentary style videos of how a particular institution is coping
with the pandemic. So I have to work out how to plan and script it, but
also deal with the practicalities/kit for hand-held and static
shooting, camera angles etc.
I could ask lots of individual questions, but I find I also learn a
lot by browsing in the right places. Where do you browse, question and
learn? Specific forums? Reddit? Facebook?
This place is great, of course, and I've learned quite a bit here,
but dpreview tends to deal more in the hardware side of things, so I'm
looking for other places as well.

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04-12-2021 09:23
Well, I can't help ya

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04-12-2021 09:24
On this forum, you can find various recommendations for shooting, lighting, and so on. But if I were you, I'd rather watch YouTube videos right now. For example, I don't really like everything related to camerawork, for me, it was always something complicated and time-consuming, so if I needed to shoot something, for example, advertising my business, then I always turned to specialists I knew, for instance, to these guys upsquare.si [upsquare.si]. But I can only advise you good luck and if at the beginning it will be tough for you, then in no case do not give up this case, you will succeed. I've always admired creative people.
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