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12-11-2021 14:15
I guess it’s kind of an investment maybe. I was just curious as to if
any of you have a gold chain and if so if you don’t mind sharing a
photo. I am contemplating weather or not. I like the Baht, but am not
sure. What do you think is a reasonable size and or weight.

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12-11-2021 15:27
I wear a gorgeous and extensive chain around my neck.

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12-11-2021 15:45
A gold chain is a versatile piece of jewelry that is suitable for both women and men. A gold chain will draw attention to itself and will complement the appearance. But today's variety of chains is so great that is why I use the website https://gloriajewels.com/ [gloriajewels.com] to order a gold chain. They always help me with the choice. I think that the gold chain should look neat on both men and women. After all, a gold chain should highlight the beauty of your neck or hand. I am not a supporter of massive chains, which stand out on the neck; I think it looks hideous and ridiculous.
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