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22-02-2008 06:43
Looks like G700 is younger brother of G900. Both are touchscreen phones, but the camera resolutions differ a lot..While G700 has 3.2 MP camera, G900 has today's highest resolution mobile camera: 5MP. Also G900 has an added photo editor facility.

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22-02-2008 06:54
If we compare smartphones announced by Sony, i would anytime prefer XPERIA X1 over G900 or G700. the design, sepcifications, everything is much better than G900/G700..it features 'qwerty' keyboard, screen space is larger, user memory is more and it has GPS.

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22-02-2008 07:04
A great mid-range mobile smartphone. It has all the facilities that i need on a daily basis like camera, music players, video, radio, 3G, touchscreen, runs on Sym.OS and features handwriting recognition. The memory is more than enough..Not every phone can be a N96 or XPERIA..you have to pay the price for such phones. And so called addictive features of such phones are not viable in all markets.
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