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22-10-2021 13:55
I am a new equipment manager at the company and I am entering a new relativity system that has been causing them problems since they finished construction. The other day we lost AC in one zone. I went up to the roof to check the device and it was emitting excessive heat compared to other devices. I turned off the machine for the night and came back in the morning. I checked the humidification control unit, and all 4 zones light up with red lights, Honeywell HZ432, Cool 1 and 2 are green, as well as the fan. If I select the clear option, everything will turn green again until I click Confirm, and then they will turn red again.
I restarted the device and the air conditioner returned to the zone, but all the lights are still red. The system on the roof has calmed down and does not blow off excessive heat. I believe this is just a means to solve the problem, so I'm trying to contact you and see if I can narrow down the problem so that if I have to call someone, I can tell them exactly what's wrong. Please let me know if anyone can help, I can provide additional information if needed.

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25-10-2021 16:17
The new regulations will make you have a much better quality and of course also a higher income.

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25-10-2021 16:20
This problem is something normal, especially if the conditioner is a bit old and has not been very well cared for. I still had similar problems, but each time I turned to some specialists, as I once tried to repair a conditioner and broke it completely. My last experience was that all the water from the condensate was flowing into my house, so I had to turn to the guys from Germantown [hvacservicesmd.com]. Which I recommend to you. There is a high probability that at you a rather insignificant element will be spoiled, but only a specialist knows where to look and how to change it
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