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20-10-2021 16:30
I went with a pretty simple setup -- 3000K white side-emitting LED
tape, which I applied inside the cove area for a nice indirect light. I
used a manual dimmer a lot like the one previously mentioned. I'm pretty
pleased with the results.

I measured the power draw as 37 watts at full brightness, although I
don't expect to have them turned up that high most of the time.

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20-10-2021 20:54
No way!

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20-10-2021 20:56
I think it will look great. I also recently bought myself some LED tapes for my garage and living room at home from this site https://www.ukled.co.uk/led-strip-lights.html [ukled.co.uk], but if I were you, I would probably make a friend. Instead of putting LED strips, I would use candles for lighting because it looks very aesthetically pleasing and romantic. If you have a girlfriend or a wife, you will like it, but this is just my opinion, if you want LED tapes, then use only them. I hope my opinion was interesting to you, I wish you good luck, and I still think that candles would look better :)
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