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07-10-2021 11:22
Marijuana has been around me since I was about two in one form or
another. A member of my family sold weed in order to survive and support
family, they also use it as an alternative to opiods and other pain
medicine they found they liked a little too much.
A large majority of people I highly respected have used the plant at one point in their life.
Maryjane is a extremely kind and loving spirits, she offers healing,
insight, and movement magick. She can open up your senses and is great
to discover aspects of your shadow as well as true potential. I get a
very loving caring nature from her, but it is always rooted *in the spliff shamans willingness to heal.
If you abuse her plant aspect SHE WILL, make you pay.
Use her responsibility as a medicine and occasionally as a drug if
desired. Her strains can be a hit or miss. She recommends trying a strain at least twice to get a feel for it.

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07-10-2021 13:10
Great info, thanks!

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07-10-2021 13:11
Hello again! I agree with you about cannabis, and it's a sacred thing! Personally, cannabis once saved me from depression because in the evenings, when I knew I had panic attacks, I took different things with CBD oil. Yes, I started with the usual joints, but then I found all sorts of sweets called td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}delta 8 edibles [tillmanstranquils.com] and many other things. And you won't believe it, it all helped me, and I've been living an everyday life for about a year now. The doctors wanted to stuff me with different pills, but I didn't trust them from the first day. I only trust a natural product.
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