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06-10-2021 13:14
Has anyone else tried their favorite club or casino in these current
strange times?  Julie and I (Rob) have spent the past four months not
socializing or traveling at all.  The construction management work has
been going on and Julie closed both of her coffee/breakfast/lunch shops
down.  Her employees that stayed with her are working at the two drive
thru places.   She hired no summer student help this year.   We spend
our time at home working out, jogging and running, sunning tubing and
playing with each other.  We absolutely did not go out to eat, club,
casino, visit friends and family or have friends and family visit us.


We finally went to our favorite casino three hours away in the City
that has reopened.  We had a comp room reserved, made dinner
reservations for the top floor View of the Market chophouse, etc.     We
stopped on the way and picked up fast food and ate a late lunch in a
park.   We were able to check in early at the casino high rise hotel. 
The hotel and casino requires mask use in public areas!  More later.

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07-10-2021 08:39
It's brilliant, I keep playing

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07-10-2021 08:40
Ohh no, I don't even want to remember those hard times when there was absolutely nothing he could do because of the pandemic. People who are really passionate about gambling have understood what it means to not be able to go to your favorite location and play, getting adrenaline and earning money. I was very lucky to find sapynews.com [sapynews.com]. where I practically spent all the time that was quarantined. The platform I recommend to all those who are passionate and suffer due to restrictions. By the way, I never thought that online you can have the same adrenaline feeling playing online as if you were in the casino

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24-12-2021 08:42
Yeah, you know, I also had bad memories about the quarantine. My friend was ill and I even could not help him. So we were just playing slots at online slots machines [wildtornado.casino] in this online casino. I earned good money that week, but it was so boring to stay home.
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