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27-09-2021 00:02
has anyone here made poe work with any virtualization software in bios? virtualbox / vmware / whatever
, and if so, what operating system are you running on
I can get my phone to run on vmware / windows 7, but the direct3d svga drivers from vmware make the game flicker and it crashes...

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27-09-2021 00:10
Nah, I don't think you can do it on your phone.

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27-09-2021 00:11
Most users hardly know why and exactly how to update the BIOS firmware of the motherboard. There is a "golden" rule – if everything works fine and everything suits you, then there is no need to break something that already works perfectly. Otherwise, if you make mistakes, there is a risk of turning a working device into a non-working one. And then the consequences of such activities will have to be eliminated already in a specialized repair service for your money. I decided to configure the bios myself and came across https://www.softwaretesttips.com/enable-virtualization-in-bios/ [softwaretesttips.com] and this really helped.
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