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26-09-2021 22:02
What do I need to make gummies with my shatter ?

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27-09-2021 07:39
Do a research on the internet and you will see what you need

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27-09-2021 07:41
When you are trying to make some cannabis gummies for your pets,sometimes it is better to make them through a shatter since it moisturizes equally the whole gummies however you have to be sure that you respect the right dose, and the correct dose is not the only thing you have to be sure about, besides that, a pre-consultancy with your vet would be preferable as well as avoidance of any THC because that is toxic, especially to dogs, then you have to pick the right product so that you would maximize the efficiency of the product, however, for more details, you can access https://www.africanexponent.com/post/8261-5-tips-for-buying-cbd-for-your-pets where you will find more reliable information.
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