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23-09-2021 09:26
Let me explain the question a little deeper, I went to Michigan Medicine
on 8/5 and tested with a standard hearing test battery significant
hearing loss for my age I’m 28. I’ve battled hearing loss possibly since
birth (Michigan Medicine isn’t sure). I was diagnosed with hearing loss
in the community I live in at least ten years ago and have worn
hearing aids on and off, and they are running more tests including an
ABR and and MRI.

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24-09-2021 21:26
Nice story, man!

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24-09-2021 21:31
My best friend suffers from some hearing-related illness. He is 20 years old, and he practically does not hear anything. He regularly checks his hearing at one of the local hospitals [melbournefunctionalmedicine.com.au], and he hopes that someday he will be able to hear well. He will have an operation at the age of 21, which costs a lot of money, so his parents will soon pay for it. I hope that the doctors will do everything to save his hearing. I feel so sorry for him. If the operation does not help, he will have to wear a hearing aid for the rest of his life. Guys, please appreciate your health! Take care of yourself! Good luck and good mood to everyone!
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